Outline 11/7/2013

Thesis:#1 ADHD is present in some of us due to the contemporary daily lives we live.

    Thesis#2 are we moving just too quick to really grasp what we need to do for a rapid and critical thinking brain of 2013.

Paragraph1: Introduction, how today is possibly a evident effect of having ADHD the symptom as a new ‘normal’ :Source- Dimitri Christakis

Paragraph2: How television and media make an impact on ADHD

:source-Lawrence Diller

Paragraph3: The shortcut to why Ritalin is used, pointing out doctors, family, social surroundings as a problem.

Paragraph4: ADHD may be transmissible however ADHD is magnified due to Doctors and the way ADHD is looked at by others.

Paragraph5: The use of Dyslexia shows how ADHD is received by others and how the diagnosed ones accept their symptom, if a symptom.

Paragraph6: ADHD and Dyslexia are not problems the way we view the both are the problem(ADHD main subject)


Source-Malcolm Gladwell

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