Annotated Bib #3

Article: #3

Diller, Lawrence H. “The Run on Ritalin”. Hastings Center Report. Blackwell Publishing, Mar/Apr1996, volume 26 issue 2,

In this Article Lawrence Diller expresses how the viewpoint has changed toward attention and behavior problems in children and adults. Diller writes “Over the past two decades the pressure on children to perform has increased while support needed to help maximize performance has declined. Twenty five years ago three and four year old children were not expected to know the alphabet and numbers.” Diller explains television as a benefit to many; yet may have created a bar that children can learn at a younger age? The Article shares the pressure on Physicians and Educators. Whereas Physicians may be pointing towards medicating instead of understanding and addressing the more time consuming issues, emotions, family relationships or and school environment, and often nothing else is looked thoroughly through and the case is closed on a certain individuals case.

[What are some factors we face with in today’s society, that is or could be increasing the amount of Ritalin being used?]


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