Annotated Bib #1

Book Source: #1

Malcolm, Gladwell. “Running from Ritalin”. The New Yorker- Archive. February 2, 1999

In this book Malcolm Gladwell discusses the American Culture and how drugs are translated into social metaphors. The Article shares points of views from multiple eyes. One being a Neuropsychiatrist Sydney Walker who calls attention disorders and the rise of Ritalin “symptoms of modern life, rather than symptoms of modern disease.” this Article debates whether or not A.D.H.D is due to our contemporary lives or if A.D.H.D is a symptom that must be diagnosed with Ritalin. Malcom includes a short up to date story on Ritalin, the mother of a child with A.D.H.D is described as tearing up her daughters Ritalin prescription. “I thought, maybe there is something else we can do,” she says. “I knew that medicine can mask things.” That is the kind of question that Ritalin provokes-not the simple, traditional “Will this cure my Child?”

[Is it possible like many other drugs that Ritalin is a new Hoax for patients?]


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